2016 Tesla Model X P85D Release Date

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2016 Tesla Model X

The New 2016 Tesla Model X has been announced to go into production by the end of 2015 but until the Detroit Auto Show. 2016 Tesla Model X will be the model that will finally introduce all electric crossover from this car maker. they are only making the Model S but recently we could hear news about the New Tesla Model X that has been presented and belongs to the crossover segment and also provides a four wheel drive system and all the benefits of its sedan brother the tesla Model S.

2016 Tesla Model X Redesign

New 2016 Tesla Model X will have some updates on the body, Tesla has confirmed the car will be offered with its eye-catching and complexly engineered ‘falcon wing’ doors, “allowing easy access to the third-row seat, even from the narrowest of parking spaces”. These doors open upward, like a gullwing door, but the EV automaker says they will function in any normal parking spot or garage, with the added benefit of improved ingress and egress from the vehicle. It is because of these doors that Tesla will be able to package this CUV more like a minivan than a crossover from a functionality and space efficiency perspective. In fact, the New 2016 Model X is expected to seat seven occupants plus luggage, despite looking similar in size to a five-seat CUV.

While at the front 2016 Tesla Model X does resemble the Model S, at the back the car looks amazing and thanks to the brand new Falcon-type doors which open vertically at the back for better access, the car manages to look incredibly futuristic and also quite classy. Just like before, there are no exhaust pipes and an extra feature over the Model S is going to be the two-bar which will allow the Model X to tow up to 3000 pounds with ease, making from this electric SUV a very practical car.

new 2016 Tesla Model X

2016 Tesla Model X Engine Specs and Price

For the engine, 2016 Tesla Model X have a P85D engine ,is capable of reaching 60, mph in 3.2 secs, shaving 1.4 seconds from the ,rear-drive P85 it replaces. Tesla brought in a 221-hp electrical motor, to drive the front wheels. This secondary system ,works in conjunction with, the P85D’s 470-hp back electric ,motor to offer 4×4. A comparable two-motor ,setup will be readily available, on all Model S versions, beginning this spring, and also the upcoming Design X SUV likewise will ,certainly share the system. But for now, one of the most ,snow-friendly Tesla is ,the top-shelf P85D. The most important thing out there is that the X is going to be a revolutionary car for its class which is going to show that you don’t need a gasoline engine in the SUV territory.

The base price for the upcoming 2016 Tesla Model X is likely going to be over that of the S, especially because there is no real base model on the X. The SUV is expected to come on the market at a price no lower than $75,000 which is almost $5,000 dollars more than that of the S. And this car will soon be on sale to the public on the mat the Detroit Auto Show.

2016 Tesla Model X 2

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