2016 Maybach Pullman Relaunched by Mercedes-Benz’s

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2016 Maybach Pullman

2016 Maybach Pullman sub-brand recently relaunched by Mercedes-Benz’s parent company, 2016 Maybach Pullman debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show. The 2016 Maybach Pullman offered an abundance of space to stretch out; the new model follows this lineage. More than 20 feet long and 5 feet tall, the 2016 New Pullman offers two backseat passengers the most legroom in the class and more headroom than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan.

2016 Maybach Pullman New Design

Mercedes bringing back the Pullman name. Since several pre-production prototypes of the new model have already been spied at or around Brabus Brabus’ headquarters in Bottrop, it seems that the ultra-long Mercedes-Maybach Pullman was developed and will probably be manufactured by the famed tuner. 2016 Maybach Pullman makes the existing 5,453 mm (214.7 in) long Mercedes-Maybach S500/S600 look small in comparison measuring 6,499mm (255.9 in) in length, while adding another 100mm (3.9 in) in height over the S-Class. It rides on an extended 4,418mm (173.9 in) wheelbase, which is about the same length as a Mazda3 sedan.

2016 Maybach Pullman cabin space goes to accommodate the four rear passengers who can sit facing each other in the compartment. The 2016 Maybach Pullman interior is swathed in leather everything from the roof liner to the doorframes to the seat consoles. The sedan also comes with a choice of two high-fidelity stereo systems from the renowned German audio-equipment manufacturer Burmester, a glass partition behind the driver’s area, and analog instruments in the roof liner that display the time, speed, and outside temperature and new Pullan with an electrically-operated partition window featuring an 18.5-inch (47 cm) monitor located in front that can also be extended electrically.

new 2016 Maybach Pullman

2016 Maybach Pullman Engine and Price

2016 Maybach Pullman Power for the Pullman comes from Merc’s 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 with 530PS (523hp) and 830Nm (612 lb-ft) of peak torque at 1,900 rpm. The new 2016 Maybach Pullman goes on sale at the beginning of 2016 with prices for un-armored models starting from around €500,000 or about $570,000.

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