2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Hybrid SuperCar

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2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

The 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider is a coupe model from Maranello made its first appearance at the Geneva motor show and managed to stand out despite the stiff competition from Lamborghini and McLaren. Which could be accountable for this enticing rumor, the LaFerrari could drop its best just in time for 2015. 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spideri has decided to produce 50 units of the convertible model.

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Design

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider design is an exotic and captivating is all that could be said about both the interior and exterior of this car respectively. It has everything that a supercar needs to have. From open-mouth front end air intake, over large hood inlets and bubble roofline to some huge air intakes at the base of the rear bumpers we have one impressive aerodynamic kit. In addition to all the fixings inside, you would not fail to find internet, LED and Bluetooth in the new 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider hybrid convertible.

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider looks impressive. There’s so much going on about it that it would take too much time and space writing about everything. One thing that doesn’t really fit the car completely is its rear end which executes small, circular tail-lights and slightly awkward finish with open bumper.

new 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Engine and Price

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Supercar has a beastly 6.3L, V12 engine under its hood which is capable of putting up 789 hp alone. Oil-cooled 161-hp electric motor and liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack do the rest, while the power itself is sent to the rear wheels via 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. When location with one yet another, give no considerably considerably significantly less than 963 horsepower and 663 pound-feet of torque. Speak about high-speed winds blowing by way of one’s hair.

The Supercar 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider will hit the streets in actually restricted numbers, as only 50 units are anticipated to leave the Maranello factory and price as substantially, is about $3.4 million, which could be several Californias significantly far more than a Bugatti Veyron.

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider hybrid

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